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Enhancing Your Home with Jute

Jute woven chair, baskets, and rug.

Add warmth with this sustainable fiber

Naturally beautiful, jute has a lot to offer. Its texture lends an organic feel to interiors, while its light tan or rich golden hue adds warmth to a design, complementing all aesthetics. In addition, jute is durable—and the unique patterns in its fibers add depth and visual interest to a space. Jute is also incredibly sustainable; it’s easy to grow, its fibers are 100 percent biodegradable and it’s produced with a minimal carbon footprint. So why not incorporate jute into a room or two? You can easily do it by adding a few jute accessories—or, if you want to go bigger, consider area rugs, accent chairs, window shades or wallpaper.

Simple Starters

  • Woven baskets: Jute storage baskets are an attractive way to hold magazines, throw blankets, toys (for kids and pets), remotes and other odds and ends. You can also find decorative jute baskets, which look just as pretty hanging on a wall as they do on a shelf or a coffee table. 
  • Table runners: Add an eye-catching accent to a dining or console table, with a jute table runner. Its basic design serves as an anchor for any style of table décor.
  • Wall mirrors: A jute rope-framed wall mirror pairs well with boho- or coastal-inspired styles, and makes an eye-catching element for a bedroom, living room or entryway.

Woven jute basket next to a sofa. Give a plain pot a lift by placing it in a jute basket.
Woven jute table runner. Dress up a tablescape with a jute runner.
Circular mirror set in woven jute. Hang a jute-framed mirror for an eye-catching focal point.

Main Features

  • Area rugs: Jute’s durability makes it ideal for area rugs—and a nice change of pace from wool, cotton or nylon. It’s best to use a jute rug with a rug pad, to protect your floors and help keep the rug from slipping. A rug pad also helps to keep the fibers, which naturally shed, in check. Take note, though, that jute doesn’t play well with water, so kitchens and bathrooms aren’t the best places for a jute rug. 
  • Poufs or chairs: A jute pouf shines as a hint of texture in a room while multi-tasking as a footrest, an extra seat and a coffee table (depending on its size). If you want to carry the jute look to other furniture, consider jute accent chairs. Their clean lines complement both traditional and contemporary styles and make them a timeless addition to a room.

Woven jute area rug. Highlight texture with a jute area rug.
Woven jute pouf. An L-shaped sectional checks off all your seating needs.
  • Window shades: Many woven wood shades are crafted from a mix of natural fibers, including jute, for added dimension at the window. Due to the nature of the materials and weaves, woven wood shades may not provide as much privacy or light control as you desire—so make sure to select styles that are available with a liner. 
  • Wallpaper: If you’re looking for a unique wall covering, jute wallpaper, with its high-end look, is it. You do need to consider a few caveats, though. Jute wallpaper is delicate and not stain-resistant, it’s not washable and is highly susceptible to watermarks, moisture, and humidity. With that in mind, jute wallpaper is ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms—but not kitchens or bathrooms.

Living room featuring Provenance® Woven Wood window shades. Add dimension with Provenance® Woven Wood Shades in Santa Rosa fabric.
Rolls of woven fabric material. Try jute wallpaper for a distinctive look.

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